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Thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul

So I started watching Tokyo ghoul like two days ago, and I'm currently 7 episodes in. (I wish I could binge but I have too many thingsssss toooo doooooooo ;_;)
Anyway! I only know about Tokyo Ghoul because of Vingle and the lovely anime fam in the community here, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it! I'm sorry I missed the marathon session a few months back but I swear I'm trying to make up for lost time!
Okay, so I don't think I've gotten to the super cool parts yet. Like Kaneki still has black hair... but I know it will be white for some reason later on.
Basically I just got to the part where Kaneki finally gets his mask. So I know I have a while more to go in it, but I had tosay, I'm quickly starting to enjoy it a whole lot. I really like the dynamics between the ghouls, be it friendly or otherwise. I also get the feeling that Kaneki will be much stronger than he first appears. Rize has been described as super powerful, and he gets her kagune, right? SO HE WILL BE BADASS
What I have seen so far is Touka being a totally kickass chick, all up and down the place. I'm probably gonna make a card about her for the badass women of anime collection. Her Kagune is soooo fucking cool. Like the wings, the bloody bullet things, all of it. All the things. Just, like, ugghhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss.
Also! I don't remember what I put for my favorite anime opening challenge, but whatever it was when I did it, it's now a lie.
Because the Tokyo Ghoul opening is DEFINITELY my favorite now. I love the building cresendo, the drop, the everything about it. With some animes (or any show) I skip the intro when possible, but for this one I'm actually happy to listen/watch to.
So yeah, these are just some introdcutory thoughts about it. I know there's a bunch of Tokyo Ghoul fans around. I can't wait to be all caught up so we can talk about it!
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yes! you should update when you see why his hair color changes. To me it's so tragic... I don't want to give too much but I feel like I lost a valuable character when Kaneki changes.
just binge watch it. it's worth it. you won't regret it. Peer pressureeee
You know what? I'm totally into this epic anime.. I still love them even tho I watched the whole entire season. And I even re-watching it more times. It just always in my dream. I even want to be in Tokyo ghoul world!!
@MaighdlinS I think she's only manipulative because she is a part of him and if he dies she dies and the only motivation he has is to lose control of his emotions and she pushes that. I don't think he'd be alive right now without her as that conscious in the back of his mind pushing him to keep going and to fight.
@MaighdlinS my heart hurt so much when his hair changed colors all I could think of is how strong it takes you to be to go through that. It also showed me of how I just can't bring myself to see Rize as a bad person even when she tried to kill him once upon a time. rize is my favorite character.
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