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The second US trailer for Pixar's next film -- The Good Dinosaur -- finally got another trailer! Sorry, I'm just so pumped about it. When I first heard about it I was excited because we finally get to see how the characters interact with each other. The first trailer wasn't bad by any means but it felt more like a music video and after watching this second trailer (that I left for you to watch below) I'm definitely hooked.
I think my favorite thing about this trailer is the reveal of the narrative. In the previous trailer without dialogue it was kind of hard to tell who the main character is in the film. But in this one, we now know that it's the Dinosaur and the boy is kind of his... animal friend?
It's a really interesting and fresh take on the "boy and his dog" style of storytelling. Pixar makes the Dinosaur the character that connect and identify with instead of the human, which is something they're honestly great at. I mean, we've watched movies about bugs having feelings, toys having feelings, feelings having feelings, and fish having feelings. So, I have full confidence in this moving being another emotional rollercoaster.
There's also something else that really hits home for me and it's the fact that the narrative surrounds itself around the Dinosaur trying to find his family and get over his fears. And listen, I know I'm a tough guy with a chiseled jaw and a really handsome face but I, too, am scared sometimes.
And when I'm away from my family, I feel an intense amount of fear and loneliness and longing for them. Part of me really hopes that I could watch this movie with (at least) some of them so we can share a nice communal cry. I'm really excited for this movie to the point that I don't want to see any more trailers until the movie comes out. That's it. I'm convinced.
The Good Dinosaur will be in theaters this Thanksgiving.
@TessStevens @paulisaghost I can't WAIT to go see this with my little guy! ^.^ It's just adorable, isn't it? I like that they're reversing the roles, making man the "beast". It's visually beautiful, too. Yes, Tess, Pixar is a PRO at doing feelings without making it overwhelmingly mushy. That's a win-win for me with an almost 8 year old!
I love dinosaurs. I think this one's going to be a cute one. I mean...I'm not one for mushy movies, but Pixar has a way of doing it without overdoing it you know? It looks precious. Will be a good foil to that Jurassic Park business I reckon lol. @ButterflyBlu I think you'd like this
This looks sooo adorable!! I can't wait to see it! :D I'll probably take my little sisters. @ButterflyBlu, I'm sure Levi will LOVE! :D
@allischaaff me too!! I showed him the trailer and he was so excited!! How old are your little sisters? Too bad we don't live in the same place. It'd be so fun to take them all together! Wait... *gasp* Are you still coming west? Where to, Lady?!!!! (No matter what, it's closer and we Have to get together. <3 )