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Is The New Black Whopper Turning America's Poop Green?
Burger King has been making headlines in the way of fast food with the release of their limited edition Halloween Whopper. Available for the month of October, its black bun is reminiscent of the Black Whopper previously sold in Japan, except for one major difference.

It makes your poop green. Bright green.

Whopper fans have been taking to social media to alert friends, family, and all followers in between about the bizarre side effect the burger's been making in the bathroom - so much so that some of the nation's top press outlets have had no choice but to cover this mysterious (albeit a bit crude) phenomenon.

So what's in these burger buns?

Well, when the Black Whopper was released in Japan, the bun was dyed with squid ink, a natural dye that changes the color of food without affecting the flavor. But - since that would probably freak out 80% of U.S. Whopper eaters - instead, the bun of the new Halloween Burger is black from a heapload of green and blue food dyes.

Hence the poop.

So do you think the green poop phenomenon will cause Halloween Whopper sales to drop? Or would you still want to try the burger anyway?

Also, let me know if you've ever tried it! I'm really curious as to how it tastes.
And for more WTF news, feel free to follow my WTF Street Journal collection. I can assure you there's still a whole lot more weird stuff in there!
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Lol its a good thing we don't Hanne Burger King....the doctor's office would've been working overtime lol
2 years ago·Reply
I would still want to try it anyway you never know what it would taste like (*≧▽≦)
2 years ago·Reply
@ssantiago0911 Where do you live?
2 years ago·Reply
shows how much I know I thought it was squid ink still, o.o.
2 years ago·Reply
@halfcatgirl Nope it's POOP DYE.
2 years ago·Reply