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Hey everyone! The funny community moderator @danidee posted this lovely card asking people to display their favorite Halloween costume.
I dressed up as a pumpkin for like...5 years in a row when I was little. Don't ask. I really like pumpkins. Anyway, after I grew out of that phase I ended up getting really into Adventure Time. It's kind of a cosplay too, which I don't know how to do, but tried anyway.

This is my favorite costume! The gender bent version of Finn the Human, Fionna!

I think I nailed it right?
I tried to take a picture with my cat, Miss.Tuffsey because she looks like the gender bent version of Jake the dog...Cake the cat. But she wasn't having it. She is the devil after all. Anyway! Show off your favorite costume in recent history and please tag me so I can see!

Only 23 more days until Halloween!

Thanks for the idea @danidee @shannonl5
How cute!! I love this so much. :D I was Marceline two years ago for Halloween!!
lol I was the Tooth Fairy one year..... I have no idea what possessed me to do so
refrigerator and Wayne's world were awesome I hear
@TessStevens this costume idea is awesome!!! And you look AMAZING! Nailed it down to a T. You and @danidee need to do an adventure time costume together this year!!! Hahaha :)
hahah @shannonl5 that's a good one! I know our parents probably had something to do with what we chose.I remember one year my dad (being a journalist) wanted me to go to school as a disgraced ENRON employee...but I wanted to be a princess. Lol, parents.
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