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Yesterday, I got to watch the MV for the NEW Love Live! series Sunshinee!! and it was so cute. So, so, so cute. So cute!!!
Unfortunately, the MV has been taken down already (I'm not even sure where I had seen it to be honest, but the link isn't working anymore). Still!! There are a few teaser clips we can enjoy!

This is the teaser for the song/MV that will be their single!

I still haven't picked any favorites (I'm waiting for the anime to release to do that!) but I am really excited to get to know them all. The song is OK, and the dance is cute!
The song is called "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteirukai?" (aka Is Your Heart Shining?)

These are previews for "Step! ZERO to ONE" and "Aqours☆HEROES"!

Both of the songs sound pretty good to me!

Is anyone else really excited to meet these girls who will be the leads of the next installment of Love Love!?

I know it doesn't come out till next year BUT I'm excited (-_-)
@hikaymm I haven't decided yet. I'd say more hopeful than excited. Haha
@FabledDead are you excited for this one???