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Watch out, Uber. You got some competition in the coolest way to commute. And it’s premiering fairly soon.
Starting in March 2016 these robot taxi will be “tested” by travelers get around Fujisawa, Japan getting to and from their cool destinations. These passengers will test them by sitting in the drivers seat (just in case of passenger intervention needed). But really, everything else is taken care of.
Put in your destination and get whisked away by a self-driven car.

This is the first time robot taxis will be tested on real streets.

The target population for these cars is for elderly adults that have a hard time getting around themselves, so these cars are meant to help them out (awwww).
The ultimate goal is for the robot cars to be fully tested and ready to go for the 2020 Olympic Games. The technologist hope they will help safely travel all of the guests and travelers in the city during that time.

So, is it the commuting way of the future?

I say yes! Pick up the speed Google! Because maybe I’ll be hoping into one of these little babies and going for a ride pretty dang soon. As long as the robot lets me listen to my NPR podcasts and pick the radio station, I’m good.
This totally reminds me if the cartoon The Jetsons. The car in the cartoon flew on its own sometimes. So the Jetsons are our future (scratching my head) lol. This is awesome, can't wait to see it live. But knowing me, I'll probably be to scared to get in one. Lol.
I want one!! Dude, I could sleep while it drove me around. Win!!!
I am totally down for this. Maybe a few months ago I heard about a self-driving car. Imagine...go out and get drunk and never have to worry about having to drive home. It's like having your own car driver, but it isn't human. I am sooo excited about this.
I know right?! the main purpose it was created for elderly people who got in accidents but decrease in drunk driving is definitely a win! @alywoah Also, imagine how this would be for efficiency too?! we wouldn’t have to go and pick up anyone! just send the car! @ButterflyBlu
@Karencorchado isn't this coolll!!!!????
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