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From the creators of Soul Eater comes Fire Brigade of Flames. If you couldn't tell from the art style of course lol. This style is a personal favorite of mine. I'm a big fan of the Soul Eater manga so I had high hopes for this brand new series.
After reading the first chapter, we meet the Protagonist and get bits of his past sprinkled into the story of his latest assignment. Like most protagonist, his past is what "fuels the fire" of his determination to be a hero. Shinra's powers are quite interesting and I'm excited to see what else he has up his sleeve.
The brigade or "blue lines" as they're called by the locals because of their uniforms are composed of Shira and four others. Each have their own unique fighting style and support role. I noticed Iris was a nun which I thought was funny since in Soul Eater there's a character named Justin who's a priest. I wonder if Iris will turn out the same way Justin did. So far I'm hooked, it looks like Smokin Parade and Fire Brigade of Flames will be my new reads this season. Can't wait to see more.
this actually looks really dope, and I hadn't heard of it til now. thanks for the head's up @seintoseiya
This looks great. I'm loving the character looks! @VinMcCarthy you should check this out!