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The other day, I was hanging out with my friend @starberry and we were talking about creeeeeepy cosplays that could work well if you have any events to attend this month (since its October and all), and she helped me come up with this list of some animes that are perfect to cosplay from to add a spooky factor to your next event!!!

1. Higurashi When They Cry

Who wouldn't find one of the nice bloody versions of these cosplays perfect for Halloween? They're great, and even if people don't know what you are for a Halloween party or something, they'd get the idea that you're bloody & in the right spirit for the Holiday XD

2. Umineko: When They Cry

While Umineko isn't as scary as Higurashi, Maria is THE great exception to that. I mean just LOOK at how crazy she is!!
(Cosplayer: Anna Dobrova)

3. Hellsing Ultimate

Is there anything creepier than the things we find in Hellsing? Probably, but it's a pretty creepy anime. Bring it to life with something like this Alucard and Victoria for Halloween and you'll be a hit!
(Cosplayers: Redustrial-Ruin)
This is my second list of cosplays that would be perfect for Halloween!! If horror isn't your style, try these cute idol cosplays for Halloween, or suggest another style and I'll list some up for you :)


@animeyuko me too!!! one of my friends did rena before it and was so awesome
I like the Higurashi Cosplay (and anime)!!!!