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Exercising is hard. People who say it's not are, well, full of it. It's not easy to get a steady routine going – I will be the first to admit this! It's something I'm struggling with right now, as a matter of fact.
If you're like me, you're wondering:

How can I make working out fun?

Because that's the difference between me finding time for it in my week, and hitting the snooze button several more times.
Luckily, after a little research, I've found 6 easy ways to enjoy getting in shape:

Listen to pump up jams.

Who can resist the urge to jump around when your favorite pump up song is on? Whether it's Kanye or Britney Spears, put on the music that makes you want to party.

Do it with a friend.

Getting a friend involved in your quest for fitness has twofold benefits: one, it gives you somebody to talk and laugh with while you work out; and two, it keeps you accountable.

Make it your relaxation time.

All of us leave some room in our schedule for relaxation. Make that overlap with your workout. If running on the treadmill is when you finally get that peace of mind you've been searching for, you'll be more eager to do it again.

Watch your favorite shows.

Hop on the treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, or stationary bike and binge watch your favorite show while you get your sweat on. It's a great way to take your mind off exercising, especially if you limit your TV time during the rest of the week.

Take a class.

Swing dance, Zumba, yoga, barre – just put down the money and let somebody else make the fitness decisions for you. Paying in advance can be a great incentive to attend class regularly – else you're just wasting your money. Classes are so much fun, and they go by in a flash! Don't worry about being embarrassed – just do it.

Play a game.

There's beach volleyball, dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee, golf, pickup basketball, soccer... really, there are so many ways to get out and play. Join a local rec team or recruit a couple friends. Either way, you'll have a blast – and get fitter at the same time!

Get outdoorsy.

Maybe the gym just isn't your scene. That's okay! Head outdoors and go for a hike. Try out rock climbing. All that fresh air and nature will keep you distracted from what an amazing workout you're getting.

Dance, dance, dance.

I love clubbing. There, I said it. Yeah, alcohol is just empty calories – but you don't need it to have a great time! Dance with friends and go crazy – heck, dance alone in your room. I have so much fun when I'm shaking my booty that I don't remember until the next morning (when my thighs are sore af from popping and locking so much) that I was secretly working out the whole time.

So there are some great ways to make working out fun! :D

Do you have any other tips to share? Is working out just a total chore for you? Let's talk about it!

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@Arellano1052 gain 30 lbs of chub or muscle?? XD I bet people are jealous that you can lose 30 lbs so easily haha. My tan lines will never disappear :(((( I literally have bikini tan lines year round. It looks ridiculous lol. But I'm not going to do anything about it bc I'm not about to go tanning... And as much as I'd like to workout naked.... Lol
Who wears underwear? XD No, kidding. I don't know haha I like to drop weight. I hate bulking. I'll gain 30 pounds for fun and see how long it takes me to drop it! So I usually wear a layer of underarmour, then a layer of regular clothes and a sweater ^.^ Then a scoop of my Pre-workout blend and some heavy music! But, I could definitely see the enjoyment of being in undergarments only! It would help with tan lines that ARE a big problem if you're exercising outside (._. ) *cough*football pads tan lines from high school*cough*
@ChriSingularis @Arellano1052 @alywoah Tip number 7... work out in your underwear??
These are great tips!
@allischaaff rule 7A. Workout naked, outdoor, in a beach.