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Acoustic Versions of Kpop Songs Give Me LIFE

Am I the only one who LOVES when groups strip down to just their....voices and sing their songs in a more "acoustic" style. Usually this is done for a special holiday gift to fans or for a special stage, but I wish groups would do it more often!

We really get to hear a new side of everyone's voices this way, don't you think?


Skip to 1:12 to start the song!!
Well...we already know that the vocals of 17 can seriously kill it, but this really just made me swoon swoon swoon over Jeonghan. Him and Joshua staring at each other the whole time their harmonizing WAS A BIT MUCH TO HANDLE OKAY GUYS??


This song is a really refreshing summer hit, but this take on it was refreshing in a totally new fun way! I love the rhythm the guitarist gives it, and their harmonies are still on point!


Their voices are so soft here, but still so strong. I love how different of a song this songs like when it's stripped down to basically just vocals. It's amazing!


Skip to 5:00 for Error if it doesn't skip automatically :)
Or listen to the WHOLE video to hear 5 really great acoustic versions of songs by VIXX. Seriously!! They're all great!!


This song is already a pretty mellow/stripped down one, but they teamed up with Jung Sungha for this who is a crazy talented musician, so it was just amazing to listen to!! Skip to :45 for the song :)

That's all for now, folks!

If I'm not the only one who really loves acoustic songs maybe I'll make a collection out of this or something!

I also highly recommend sharing this with friends who "don't like kpop" or don't like pop music, because they might enjoy these!! My dad did ;)

i love acoustic versions! You get to really hear their voices.
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