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Ladies, if you own makeup brushes, you might want to keep reading for your own benefit.

As women, we take pride in the way things look. When it comes to decorating our space, some of us even make sure our makeup products are properly set up including our endless makeup brushes. Having your makeup products on display makes it much easier for you to see what you're looking for those mornings you happen to be rushing. Although that happens to be a legitimate reason, you might want to rethink having your makeup brushes on display -- especially if they happen to be sitting in your bathroom.
You're probably rubbing your chin as you read this, trying to figure out why you shouldn't have makeup brushes in the bathroom when you do your makeup in the bathroom every single morning. Well, brace yourself while I explain. According to dermatologist, Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, "When you flush, bacteria can get aerosolized. You don't want to keep your brushes on your toilet-bowl tank, even though it's a convenient place for storage because it's right next to the sink. Brushes can pick up that bacteria if you don't wash them over time." Talk about disgusting. It's your best bet to either keep your brushes in your room or tucked away neatly in a drawer or storage bin. Your skin is probably crawling now because mine surely is.
If this can happen to your makeup brushes, just imaging your poor toothbrush.
yep. that sums it up. I need a make up room...... like right now.
I think that's every woman. definitely me at least @smnthcarter773
I spend way to much on products and brushes.
ahhhhh! that makes two of us @smnthcarter773