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Photographer: Sean Heavey His Site: [http://www.alconartz.com/Alconartz/Welcome.html]
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@nylamrehs Sis, I totally forgot to mention it to you! Saravy is my sis, the one I always talk about. She finally decided to join Vingle, just so you know. (^_~) She's really, really good at geography. Hahahaha! @Saravy Like I said, you love your geography.
5 years ago·Reply
I'm sorry! I'm a nerd, I can't help it. (>_<)
5 years ago·Reply
It's all good! There's nothing wrong with being super good at something! └(^o^ )X( ^o^)┘
5 years ago·Reply
@charleen... really? hahaha... @saravy.. hello sis, welcome to vingle, yeah it's all good coz we really need those infos....hahah
5 years ago·Reply
Yep! Don't be surprised if you see her commenting all over the place.
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