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It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, but not oily hair.

You would think since the weather is chilly your hair would be dry, brittle and in need of a good deep condition. Well, that's not the case for everyone. Some people have extremely oily hair, year round. If one were to choose between oily and dry, I honestly don't know if they would.
Oily hair can be a total nightmare leaving your hair greasy and dirty looking when in actuality, your hair is quite clean. Oily hair can also lead to breakouts and as ladies, we hate those nightmares. If you happen to have oily hair and feel like there's no turning back, fear not, as usual -- I've got you covered. There's a way to stop your oily hair in its tracks and train your hair with just a few simple steps that take just a few days -- keep scrolling if you dare to find out how.

Day One: Wash Day

Allison Friedman, senior stylist at Warren Tricomi Salon in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, says to “choose a shampoo that’s clear versus a milky consistency shampoo; clear shampoos tend to be lighter and won’t weigh your hair down as much.” To ensure your hair is squeaky clean, use a clarifying shampoo, but only once a week because we all know how harsh shampoos can be on our hair.

Day Two: Skip The Shampoo On Day Two

Hey, that rhymed! Shampooing your hair daily isn't as healthy as it sounds, give your hair a rest and opt for dry shampoo. If your hair happens to be extremely oily and you MUST shampoo, use a dry shampoo directly afterwards. “I apply some dry shampoo directly to my roots after a fresh blowout so that as the hours go on and your scalp starts to produce oil, the dry shampoo will start working immediately to combat that oil, and you can reapply as much as needed throughout the next days to keep the oil at bay and your blowout as fresh as possible”, says Friedman.

Day Three: Messy Hair

Your hair may look a bit dirty, but trust it's for a greater good. Pulling your hair into a messy bun makes for a cute, low maintenance hairstyle that ensures you won't have your hands in your hair. If you're wondering, if your hands are always in your hair that produces even more oil and that is something that you definitely want to prevent.

Day Four: ACV Rinse

We've talked about the apple cider vinegar rinse a time or two in the past and if you've tried it than you know that it works miracles for clarifying your hair. Wet your hair with warm water and pour the ACV onto your hair allowing it to penetrate your scalp and hair. This will result in preventing build up while restoring your hairs pH.

Day Five: Shampoo Day

You've made it five days without washing your hair, now it's time to be reunited with your bottle of shampoo. After shampooing your hair as regular, restart your four day routine until you notice a difference in the oiliness of your hair. Be sure to lay off the extra products.

Are you up for the four day challenge?

Do it for the hair.
yep. after I wash it all out. lol
ugh my hair would supply an air field on day five.
how accurate is this?
i so needed this!
it would be worth it I bet @samthcarter773
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