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This Is Just A Little Something To Say Thank You To Everyone Who Took The Time To Welcome Me Into This New World!!

That Also Includes You @B1A4BTS5ever ---- Probably Did It wrong :O (Oh Well..)

I Wanted To Begin With A Quick Introduction Of My Self!!!

First Of All, My Name Is Julie!!! I'm A Big Fan Of Big Bang, BTS, Got 7, And B1A4!!!!
This All Began Because My Sister And Her Friends. :O She Would Always Play KPop In The Living Room With The Volume All The Way Up And I Would Walk In And They Would Sit Me Down To Watch Random Videos While They Impersonate Their Choreography. :O Basically They Looked Like This (First Image)
I Should Really Be Paying Attention In Class, But Instead I'm Here Procrastinating And Getting Distracted.... Rather Be In Bed Now That I Think Of It...
Okay Okay, This Wasn't A Lot, But I'll Do More Maybee!! :) I Rather Do It During School Though, Because Then I'll Have My Sister Looking At Me While I Type And Giving Me Expressions Like These. Haha
Well That's Pretty Much It!! Thank You For Allowing Me Tell You A Bit About Myself.
Hopefully I Learn How To Tag People And Do More Things Here Cause I'm Clueless!!
Well Bye!!!! :D
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Welcome and you're so gonna have fun!!!
Welcome to the family 馃挆馃挅
Welcome to the family!! You are just in time to join us! You are going to have fun!!馃挅馃挅馃槃
@LiNaHyun hahah yes
@OsoaVIPunnie You sound so freakin' awesome!!!!! And yes, my first, and truly first introduction to kpop was Big Bang. My friend was playin' it in school and showed me the video multiple times. I though she was high or somethin'..... If only I knew then what I know now... *sigh* I was such a sad person before kpop.