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A picture says a 1000 words... an I can't talk now.... or I'm gonna miss my EXIT!!! LMAO
Omg, did you take this picture?
@ Danidee I was actually driving and looking for that exit. I knew I was to take "Big Beaver" road, but I almost crashed attempting to take a picture while laughing my A$# of at 80 mph. When I saw it was "exit 69"...I was like this is Classic! I couldn't make that up. The picture I snagged from the internet because mine didn't come out so well. I wonder if the State pf Michigan workers planned it that way.(on the sly), or if the universe and its stars were in perfect alignment and this just randomly became the funniest sign I have ever seen. ....LMAO again...that is Classic and real.
Bahahahaha, that's so hilarious. I need to keep my eyes open for ridiculous signs in my area. I know that every so often, I stumble across a good one.