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@kpopandkimchi tagged me in a card asking if I've had a dream with K- idols in it. The answer is yes but I figured I would make a card telling what mostly happened (I can't remember all of it) (credit to owners of pictures none of them are mine)
**It starts off at a school pep rally. Then Boom!! It catches on fire. Then my dream fades to black but you can still hear all the screams.
Then it flashforward to a house (similar to the one above). I am walking past it and hear strange noises coming from it. So me not being very smart at the time decides to check it out. (The one in my dream had two small rectangular windows on it when it is all closed up). I peek into one of the small windows and what do I see...
V, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Rapmon, Suga, and Jimin! But they were all vampires. I'm frozen in my spot just looking at the BTS vampires then V notices me peeking. He runs to where the window is. It goes black. I can hear them talking but I don't understand but it sounds like they are disagreeing about something. My eyes start to squint open...
Jungkook comes over and says something about me waking up. **(Then sadly I actually wake up) It was a very strange dream and I wish I didn't wake up so I know what would happen. But I have a feeling the school catching on fire was something BTS had to do with.
that is a very werid dream but I would want to wake up lol the bts seting the on fire is funny
@EmilyGardner All I can think of now is Suga and Jungkook saying "Infires!" as they set the building on fire.