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Love this quote! As you all know, I've sort of become a quote nerd when it comes to love. :)
And for everyone wondering, Fitzgerald's quote here does not come from any of his books. It comes from a letter he wrote to a young woman named Isabelle. In the letter, he expressed a litany of reasons why he was in love with a woman named Zelda. Prior to the letter, he and Zelda were briefly engaged. However, it was called off rather quickly because Zelda was unsure about his ability to support them both in marriage.
Later, after a time, both Fitzgerald and Zielda eventually did marry.
But the quote is great because after he lists reason after reason as to why he loves Zelda, it's as though the reasons were irrelevant because his love for her was truly the beginning and end of everything!
What woman wouldn't be enraptured by that kind of love?