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hey i'm new to this website or place idk what you would call it but anyway I want to laern korean and I love kdramas and kpop just about everything that has to do with korea
who like after school club up10tion and seventeen yup. sorry if yeri it in there this is the happiness picture red velvet too
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@destiny1419 Hahaha yes they finally created a community for those hot guys!!! I guess they got tired of me pestering them!!! But anywho hi @EmilyGardner I'm Glo and I'm probably one of the noonas here. *coughs* ....I'm 29 lol. But I feel there is no age limit to love K-Pop. So let's be friends and have fun with us!!!
thanks hahaha I geuss I also exo
I dont think so I will
I'm new here too!!! Nice to meet you ^^
@Anonym @EmilyGardner hello and welcome!!!! its great to add more Korean loving people to the bunch lol let's be friends!