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*this card is a spinoff of the 'Dear Abby' advice column that was founded in 1956. I will be playing the role of Abby using an alias [see below] to answer the question being asked.*

Dear Jewel,

I've been talking to this guy consistently for a few months now. Yeah, I know that sounds all fine and dandy, but the thing is he will only communicate via texting. I'm a huge fan of texting, but if I'm into you I want a little bit more than hundreds of text throughout the day. Sometimes I want to hear his voice, you know? I want things to feel more personable. It sucks because I've voiced my opinion and he will agree that we should start communicating through different means of technology, but he never takes the initiative to do so. I'm probably being petty because I could've easily called him or video called him by now, but I want to see if he will take the initiative and do so himself. He definitely seems interested and our conversation is amazing, but our means of communication sucks. If we want to get anywhere later on down the line, we will have to stop relying solely on texting. I am over it, but I'm not over him. Please help.
--- Text Messages Really Suck

Dear Text Messages Really Suck,

I can feel your frustration through your email. I know how hard it can be relying on a person to show that they truly care. Don't give up on your guy friend just yet, give him some time. He might not be into talking on the phone, but he should at least give it a try.
If worst comes to worst, take your own advice and call him up yourself. What's the worst that can happen? He will either answer or he won't and if he doesn't, you have your answer. He sounds like a great guy nonetheless, so don't let a good thing pass you just because of one minor miscommunication.
--- Jewel