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Having a drop dead gorgeous cake for your wedding isn't enough! You need to make sure that the styling of your cake--where it's located, what's around it, how it's displayed--is on point too! You've got to create a vignette, something that tells a story.
The one pictured above was created by Shishi Events and combines a stunning five-tier fondant cake with roundish florals on candlesticks, sitting atop rustic wooden crates. The juxtaposition of the elegant refinement of the cake and flowers with the rugged and worn effects of the aged wooden crates gives a lush romantic bespoke quality. The flowers look fresher, more alive next to old wood. The cake looks decadent and moist next to the dryness of the wood.
This is how you set up a cake for your outdoor wedding. Yes--there are tons of other ways to have compelling style--but this one stands out as a real winner!
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I want to eat that cake! And how'd they get the edges to be so freakin' precise!? How do you even frost a cake to be that smooth?
It's rolled fondant icing, which allows it to be molded and shaped into anything. it's also how they achieve such sharp edges. @KDramaKPop1015
@marshalledgar Thanks! Have you used rolled fondant icing?
@KDramaKPop1015 never used the stuff before, though I would like to try. it doesn't taste super terrific in my opinion. but it makes stunning cakes. I'd rather eat cake than bake it or decorate it. haha