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As some people know, I had concert tickets to see BigBang and now that I'm home I kind of want to share a little bit of it with you guys. Since becoming a VIP around the time Fantastic Baby was released my biggest and wildest dream was to see Daesung preform Wings. It watch live videos of them all preforming and I'd cry knowing I'd never be able to go. But my friend had bought my plane ticket and set something up with her brother so I could go. I had two tickets, they were nose bleed seats but her brother was able to get the three of us into a suite. But before that he had gotten us into the building because he works there, we couldn't go where the stage was but we were inside and all I could think was "I'm in the same building as BigBang" the closer it got to the show the more I started shaking and having a hard time holding back my tears.
Her brother got us a row lower because we got into the suite and I was sitting there dying waiting for them to play.
I was able to see behind the screens and once I saw this I started shaking again and when Bang Bang Bang started I ended up bursting into tears.
Ah, I basically followed Daesung around with my camera all night, don't ask me what the other members did. I wouldn't be able to tell you... I screamed as loud and hard as I could every time Daesung spoke, came out, or sang and I think he heard me. On the video of Wings my friend took, after I scream the second time you can see him smile and while he was talking I screamed and he said "Thank you for all the love and support tonight" but those could have been coincidence. I just hope he heard me though because no one at the show really screamed for him.
All in all, it was a complete dream come true and worth every agonizing year of wishing and every useful penny.
Just some videos of me following Daesung around
@vixenvivi I think his hair bit was mine :') also omg I got a pic of him looking my way from that far bwahhaah close enough
@vixenvivi I took videos of him just WALKING AROUND xD
@vixenvivi haha you also followed him around? xD
I never thought I'd see them either! I followed GD around with my camera like the whole time! :) I'm so happy you got to go see them
@majesticx His butt dance was my favorite >.<
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