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I had floor tickets and I was at the barrier to the left, at the 2nd stage! It was amazing!!
They we're so cute! I loved the little talking portions! Daesung sensored himself and it was hilarious.
T.O.P was great, he was also the only one who gave up and spoke some korean >.<
GD and Tae looked like they were having so much fun! Also those back up dancers were awesome!
GD even came and sat on the stairs going to the stage, So close!
That's all the pictures and I have lots of videos but I'll need to upload it so that is to come still! I have daesungs whole song! it makes me happy!! I also got him drumming... XD When Daesung came over, we did finger hearts at him and he did it back!!!!!!! So we are basically dating now ㅋㅋㅋ
OMG DAESUNG. I would have died lol.
so like I remember Seungri threw a jacket to the crowd. What happened to the jacket?
Thanks for rubbing this in my face. Appreciate it.
I'm so jealous!!!
Just curious how much was those seats ? I wanna see how much I'm going to die for not going ........ 😞
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