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The 90's was an amazing decade. Especially fashion wise.

We didn't realize it then, but we definitely have realized it now. Retro is back and let's all admit that we love it. From the retro sneakers to the retro throwback jerseys [Rihanna wears them often] to our favorite -- the retro sweatshirts. You've seen a lot of famous designers from the 90s resurfacing lately and it's time you get your hands on a piece of vintage wear. It started out with the Calvin Klein sports bras and panties then Tommy Hilfiger was back on the brink of greatness and from there, the rest is history.
You remember your parents dressing you in that three sizes too big sweatshirt back in the 90s and you hated it. Well, it looks like things have changed. If you don't happen to have that sweatshirt laying around the house anymore, don't worry -- some of your favorite stores [and thrift stores] have a bunch in stock. So let's take it back, way back and keep scrolling to see some amazing retro sweatshirts you should probably invest in.

The Adidas Sweatshirt

The Fila Sweatshirt

The Calvin Klein Sweatshirt

The Puma Sweatshirt

Let the nostalgia settle in.

We're going back, back to the 90s.

Haha! I still have a CK sweatshirt. I dance in it all the time. Score!
soooooo jealous!!! I need one in my life @ButterflyBlu