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Ok, To all the Naruto fangirls/fanboys out there, what do you girls/boys think about Gaara?? I've always though he's pretty cool, especially with that sand burial he does. I think he's a cute character. I like how he keeps a straight face!(>y<) **About my drawings, I have no idea who the original credit of the images are. I just google my choice of character on my phone, and then draw.** **By the way guys, I havent draw anime much. This is my only 3rd drawing. I'm VERY new in this, so I haven't created any character on my own yet!~thanks**
Gaara is one of my all-time favorite characters. His fight with Kimimaro is one of the best fights of the whole series, in my opinion.
and thoses are my anime crushes also
I think gaara is a real cutey and naruto ,natsu,stink,loke,soul are all cuteys to
Gaara is one of my favs! Awesome drawing!
That's a legit AF drawing!
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