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OK everyone,I have a very strange request. A while ago I found this video and watched it.But I couldn't really understand what it meant.So I'd like to ask you all to give your theories on the meaning just for fun! But I warn you,if you are easily disturbed,please watch with caution or not at all. And here is a little bit of history on the video. Thanks!
@ChosenKnight Mickey is like my favorite Disney character x)
@MoisEsGaray lol right? I'm so creeped out by Mickey now.yeah that's one of the things I'm curious about.
Child hood ruined .___. ...... Lol jk But that was a very creepy video x) is like things were getting from bad to worst according to the backgrounds o.o mickeys faces expressions and that demon at the o.o horrifying
this is a creepypasta from way back in the day. One of the first creepypastas to get popular online.
yep that one would probably do him in
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