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Aladdin is one of those special movies that get a "pass."

I guess because it's a Disney movie critics and fans have swept many of the questionable themes pushed throughout the movie under the rug. That free pass expired yesterday, as Honest Trailers created quick video trailer highlighting the numerous shaky themes in the film.
Whether its the fact that Jasmine is underage or the idea that the most romantic moment in the film comes when Aladdin kidnaps Jasmine on his magic flying carpet, the movie is filled with questionable themes.

After watching this film and giving it some deep thought, it's crazy to think that this was a film I and many other children was raised watching.

I can't wait to see "Honest Trailer" expose another questionable cartoon film.
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@susibosshammer major bummer but at least our eyes are now open to all of the subs they delivered in the film.. and there were alot, lol
One can read things in to almost all movies. Remember Aladdin is based on a book...or rather a story from a book.
@jaxomb very true.. good point
that's not at all how we interpreted it as children tho I still love this movie. my love story is very comparable. nd it's an all round amazing Disney classic cx
LMAO I was laughing through most of this, but where I really lost it is when they referred to the 'escaping the Cave of Wonders' scene as the hardest level in the Super Nintendo game. BECAUSE IT WAS. Holy nostalgia.