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So welcome to the first of a new weekly collection. Here I will take about the pros and cons of a waifu of the week then come up with a final verdict rating going A-F . I chose Yuno because let's be honest who has actually seen Mirai Nikki and hate Yuno.


She'll protect you. She is very adorable. She's also smart top of her class. She will never leave your side. She's crazy.


She can get very jealous. You can't have friends. You get very little alone time. Honestly you can't really trust her. She's crazy. Lasty You're not Yuki.(sorry guys)

Final Verdict

Mirai Nikki is one of my favorite series and is a fast growing one as well. I used to think that Yuno was the perfect waifu but after doing some thinking she's really not that great I mean yeah she can protect you, and she'll love you no matter what but the cons over take the pros for me. So I'll give Yuno Gasai a B+


Thus concludes the first ever Waifu Wednesday!

Do you guys like this idea? Who should I talk about next week? Please leave your feedback in the comment I would love to know what y'all think!
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I don't care... I have few friends, she's perfect for a lonely person and you can trust her after the 7ths knocked a bit of sense into her.
2 years ago·Reply
@Haidurr great minds think alike haha (it's zerof4) I'll be sure to be here for that one :)
2 years ago·Reply
@GabeOwens maybe that's why I'm drawn to her so. That "unconditional love," where she would even say she's ok being used( obviously can't discuss the more in depth reasons cause of spoilers) plus, she's faithful
2 years ago·Reply
my waifu 4 laifu
2 years ago·Reply
there's just something about crazy that's appealing to everyone
2 years ago·Reply