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You give me butterflies.

Well, at least he did in the beginning. Now he's just a headache that you deal with because you two are attached by the hip. It's not a secret that relationships don't always stay the same. That first year was the honeymoon stage, as they call it. After that stage of the relationship is over and done, you two have probably gotten extremely used to one another to the point where you are comfortable -- maybe even too comfortable.
Love is a beautiful thing and if you can make it past one year, kudos to you. Most people can't even withstand one month. The video [seen above] reenacts a relationship in the beginning versus a relationship after one year of being together. It's extremely hilarious and some scenes were way too accurate, as for others -- I can't really say. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Was the video extremely accurate or not too much?
hahaha it’s pretty close. I think in some instances you get closer and more you tend to worry less about you know...farts and things.
Totally. Still considerate, but also not trying too hard.
so accurate omg
that's super ironic @danidee lol but I definitely agree with you. I don't like things to feel forced. I kinda would want a mix between the beginning of the relationship and one year after
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