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Harvey screwed up.

@mchlyang made a card indicting Harvey for missing mandatory team workouts yesterday. And what are sports for if not arguing? So I'm here to write a counterpoint to this card.

Leave him alone.

We don't know what happened. At first, Harvey claimed that he was stuck in traffic. Then, that story seemed to have been sniffed out and proven untrue. The truth is, it doesn't matter.
I know that we all like to hold athletes to higher standards than we hold ourselves. I get it - they are role models to young kids and they get paid millions of dollars to do a 'job' that so many of us would do for free.

But sometimes, we take it too far.

Maybe Harvey actually was stuck in traffic. Maybe he was hungover. Maybe he just missed his alarm. Maybe he was out gardening and lost track of time. I don't know, and neither do you. So let's stop speculating.

It doesn't matter.

He missed a practice. As he said in his interview: it's never happened before, it'll never happen again. Harvey is a team player, even if all the innings limit drama has tried to prove otherwise. He's committed to this team. I have no doubt about it.

You want to know what does matter?

That he apologized to his teammates and to his coaches. That he's pitching in a few days in a playoff game. That's what we need to focus on, not some silly back-page story about Harvey sitting in traffic, or not sitting in traffic, or whatever.

I'm not saying Harvey is excused for missing practice. He'll be fined, and that's OK with me. But let's move on and focus on baseball. No reason to let this drag on and distract this team.

I agree that he shouldn't have lied. But the reality is that this is just a distraction that the media wants to create and the team doesn't need it. It's time to move on.
I think the fine was appropriate and I too am ok with it. Is the press still dragging it out? Because that would Not be necessary. However, as a coach and a teacher, I damn sure Would have issues with one of mine if they didn't show up to practice the week of a competition. That is a huge problem for me. It's a matter of respect, not only to Me, but to your teammates. If you aren't there practicing when everyone is expected to be, you are a loose link in the chain. I know that it's much more significant to the "team" setting in sports other than baseball - especially when we're talking about a pitcher - but still, it's the freaking playoffs. That being said, he did apologize. His coach is handling it... fine, that works. There is no reason the press should still be discussing it. Honestly, my biggest issue was the traffic excuse. It didn't hold water. So don't lie. Just say you missed it. *shrug* If he pitches well, no one will care, but, dude, if he doesn't... You KNOW people are going to have plenty to say then.
You seriously think it doesn't matter if he was hungover? I would be freakin pissed if my best player was hungover and missed mandatory team practice!