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So sweet and cute.......
then BOOM! @AimeeH for you !
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@Tigerlily84 haha! Fantastic!
@AimeeH He and Kyungsoo have something in common, he lately they are both going from " oh how cute" to " OH MY GOODNESS !" Squishy is not so squishy these days. I told someone before too much longer we are going to have yo call him buffsoo! lol sooo cheesy I know!
@Tigerlily84 Omg Yes! Like when did they get the permission to grow up like *VA VA VOOM*
@AimeeH I know right!!! He is making it soooo much harder for me to not feel like a cougar! He WAS cute, talented little brother type. NOW not so much!
@Tigerlily84 haha XD yeassss! omg that's like Bambam & Yugyeom