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I may be the only one here but I've definitely created an anime in my head about myself and pictured what kind of character I would be. I enjoy stories about bad ass female my character is probably a lot like Erza or Mira Jane.
First off even before I watched fairy tail I pictured myself as a half demon sort of character. This transformation in particular is closest to what I imagine. I'd have white hair but one blue eye and one red eye.
Next would be Erza's sword skills because it's my preferred weapon of choice.
To go along with that I'd wield two demon blades much like Shura from The Blue Exorcist. .. except she only had one.
Anyone else come up with their own character?
mind would be more based off of Guan Yu off the Dynasty warriors. but give him the attribute of wind.. I love the way Green Dragon Lance looks. the way his attacks work. always been a fan of him over any other DW character. I wouldn't be able to just choose a world.. but something like One Piece but the island be the other continents that the stories take place >.> oh and I would go steal Levy from Gajeel right away :)
@MaighdlinS So you either wanna be a military soldier or be one of the chosen ones xD fair enough, it actually fits perfectly with tour character lol
@RosePark that's awesome! My world of choice is something similar to Gate or even Rokka.
Mines always been a vampire for some reason...not those "beatiful vampires" like in twilight but like Alucard from Hellsing (I have something for vampires and guns). Also Magic, Magic everywhere, and my world of choice ends up being a gaming universe like SAO or Log Horizon
@KyleSearl Haha that's great. I'm not sure Gajeel would be cool with that though.
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