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I adore Yoneda Kou. Yashiro and Doumeki are interesting characters. For me they don't feel like your normal stereotype Yakuza. I look forward to following this story to it's completion.
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I'm interested... I haven't read this one yet. Yakuza? Tell me more.
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@ButterflyBlu Hmm, well a little back story. Yashiro went to school with one of the guys in this story. [That guy is a Doctor now...] They're still friends now; but their relationship is complicated. Yashiro was abused when he was young, and grew to have quite a....fetish per say. He joined the Yakuza and worked his way up among the ranks; in many ways. Now he has a body guard named Doumeki, and Doumeki truly respects and adores Yashiro. However... those feelings are both shifting as they spend more time together. It's a very interesting development because their personalities are SO different. You should check it out for sure.
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Verrrry interesting!! It sounds intriguing for sure. ^.^
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Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention Doumeki is actually an Ex-Cop who spent time in Jail and joined Yashiro after he got out of Prison. Thus him becoming the bodyguard. *Grins* Ex-Cop and Yakuza... mmmm....
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@Danse Ohhh really?! An ex-cop!! I'm so there... The chemistry has to be amazing.
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