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I don't know what's stronger in this one: this ladies thirst for attention or her desire to burn her ex-boyfriend.
Recently on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" a lady jumped in his "man on the street" segment and shared that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend with a famous athlete.. just because.
After dropping hints that this famous athlete plays hockey for Tampa Bay with the initials of T.J., it didn’t take long for the man with the microphone to guess Tyler Johnson, which led to our mystery lady getting flustered and suddenly having to go.
She also took time to shoutout her ex-boyfriend by name on national television. Catch the segment above to catch her full explanation.

How do you expect me to respond to this one?

I can't believe this lady hopped on national television and admitted to this. Seems like she was anxious to get back at her ex-boyfriend and receive some cool points for her fling with Tyler Johnson (that's if it did happen.)
I don't know if I can give her a pass on this one, this is pretty out there.
Woah dude lol
@jokes def levels to this, lol
oh wow
The things people will do to get attention....smh.
Tyler Johnson probably scored more than her last year anyway 😂😂😂
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