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Everyone knows Nicki Minaj isn't too fond of Miley Cyrus at the moment and today we got down to the source of her woes with Cyrus.

During a sitdown with New York Times Magazine, Minaj shared her thoughts in depth about Miley and why she rubs her the wrong way.

During the sitdown, Nicki touched on her recent issues with Miley Cyrus, and said that if Miley wants to enjoy the culture, lifestyle, and everything that comes with it, then she has to understand everything that affects black women in the music industry.
"You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important? Come on, you can’t want the good without the bad," Nicki said.

Does Minaj has a point? Is Miley Cyrus a fair weather friend to the hip-hop culture?

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@smnthcarter773 That's not Nikki's problem.its that she feels that Miley disrespected her by saying that she was blowing things with Taylor out of proportion.
@chosenknight i can understand general disrespect... but nicki doesn't even correctly portray african culture herself. she is an american that does american things just like miley does. the United states is a melting pot of cultures that are constantly comingling and evolving. if it was about miley pretending to know what its like to have a hard life when she didnt, thats one thing... but to get pissed off at someone for not showing proper respect for cultural history when you dont even do ut yourself in kind of hypocritical. i like both artists equally for their music and i wish they would focus on something more important than a white girl wearing dreads and twerking.
@SaSevy OK I agree with you that African american culture is not properly represented these days.but can you seriously not understand WHY misrepresentation would be more offensive coming from miley than it would be coming from Nikki?We have to look at this as more than just Nikki and Miley having a little fight.I'm going to be very frank here.for years white people have been profiting off of us while still continuing to oppress us.and then we finally have something that we can call our own and I identify with.and I'm not JUST talking about Hip hop And RnB that we know of in the present.because its been happening for years.Then you get people like Iggy and Smiley,who have 0 respect for black people but know that they will be well received because they are different from the people that created the genre of music.and personally I DO wish that our culture could be better represented. but I also wish that people would respect us as well.
I have no fucking idea
I've no idea that's why I didn't say much about it. I really don't follow their problem, just what I've read.