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Everyone knows Nicki Minaj isn't too fond of Miley Cyrus at the moment and today we got down to the source of her woes with Cyrus.

During a sitdown with New York Times Magazine, Minaj shared her thoughts in depth about Miley and why she rubs her the wrong way.

During the sitdown, Nicki touched on her recent issues with Miley Cyrus, and said that if Miley wants to enjoy the culture, lifestyle, and everything that comes with it, then she has to understand everything that affects black women in the music industry.
"You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important? Come on, you can’t want the good without the bad," Nicki said.

Does Minaj has a point? Is Miley Cyrus a fair weather friend to the hip-hop culture?

@MorleeCorielus yes I think she's changed.I think she's been affected by her past and now for some reason she's doing whatever she can to get attention.
@MorleeCorielus for sure, and it's a good thing to acknowledge. And a person's past is important, it does inform their present. We do need to be sensitive to it, but as with all things a person's past doesn't define all of them. @ChosenKnight I really like that approach. You don't learn much from someone's words, it's their actions. How do they resolve conflict? How do they try to make amends when they do make mistakes? The truth is we all are going to make mistakes. It happens, and it's normal. The issue arises when, like you said, people point it out but she continues to make those mistakes.
@MorleeCorielus OK that may be true, and I empathize with her on that fact.but she makes it kind of hard for me to really continue feeling that way because of her behavior. and I won't sit here and pretend that I'm sure perfect.there is someone who says this alot: the test to decide if someone is a decent person or not is that when you tell them that their behavior or words are offensive, they respond with "you know what?you're right and I'm sorry.I'll try to do better".does miley do that?no.she gets called out on her actions and continues to act disrespectfully and to give an opinion that was not necessary or needed.
@ChosenKnight that's so true. And @shannonl5 you make a good point - as people we all do harm and good in turns. I think I need to be more critical of Miley, because that kind of appropriation is not okay, and it's become so normalized in American pop culture. It's sad :(
Let's not forget@shannonl5 ,@ChosenKnight ,and@allischaaff she also issues with herself when she was young and a bad reputation on her career.
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