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What's Your Favorite Poke'mon?
No matter who you are, your pokemon will always someones favorite. You may have several favorites. But no matter what you use to battle or what style or team you have. But my question is whats your favorite?
My number one favorite is Gliscor all the way! He is on all my competitive teams! I always loved him! Add me if you want, I am still newer so friends are always nice! :) ^o^
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Magikarp It defeated the elite for solo
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I'd say the Charmander line. I would just say Charizard, but i like the whole evolving to the next powerful form entity thing lol
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Luxio. When I first played a nuzlocke Luxio was my main and I'll admit, when he died during a gym battle.... I cried.
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@Unknown175 We all have a personal connection to our favorite in one way or another!
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