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I just want to know does anyone like this adorable character from Bleach anime???? ~~ I just think he's so kawaii, I just can't get enough of him haha, I've grown quite attached to him he he and I'm wondering if anyone else likes him a lot too?..... I also think he doesn't get enough screen/manga time and is underappreciated.
This is such an interesting theory "Hanataro's story of my life" and quite an adorable one at that(^3^)....what if Rikichi and Hanataro we're friends in the Rukongai district and know each other all along? *^▁^* There was that one time and the Soul Society ark where Rikichi had broken Hana out of jail, now I don't think he would do that for a complete stranger or squadmate he doesn't know or even trust hehe... I mean think about it out of all the other healers in 4th division he decided to break Hana out of jail!!? Think about it my friends haha (*^﹏^*).
He is really cute! I think they should have given him more screen time! Hopefully, he play a major part in the manga
I hope the same thing@hollysenpai I hope the same😍😍 Lolz
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