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I need potatoes...not just any potatoes..but the ones who are strong and never back down from fear! potatoes who are able to carry out their own squad and fight against the non anime lovers and fast food places with deep fryers! I will pick randomly a few people that comment on this post and I will assign them to a squad that they will lead and pick their followers that are NOT already in a squad. Squad 1: Squad 2: Squad 3: Squad 4: @Jelloston Squad 5: please comment on what squad you would like to lead
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Squad 1: @RavenQueen0810 congratulations potato captain!
2 years ago·Reply
pick one 4 me
2 years ago·Reply
Squad 5: @NinaPerry Congratulations potato captain!
2 years ago·Reply
yay! thank you!
2 years ago·Reply