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Feeling Too Emotional?
Hi everyone, usa-chan man here, aka usa-chan. So lately this past two weeks I've been stressed out. Not just from school work, but also just life in general. Yesterday I almost felt like I will break down. And the funny thing is, I don't usually feel that way. However, after talking it out with a friend, I felt at ease. Do you sometimes have those moments? If not, then it might be hard for you understand when a situation comes to play in your life, or your friend(s). However, if you are that person it gets a little rough in the diamonds.
I mean, first of all you can't control whether you get angry or sad. Maybe even both! (That happened to me) Not only that, but it gets difficult to do work because you'll eventually find a negative aspect of life. However, don't you fret! Usa-chan will help guide you through your emotional state.
As that quote says, "Everything is going to be okay." Just because this day, week, month, year, or even years has not been the greatest, there is always a part of that/those day(s) that probably put a little smile on your face, or at least made you less emotional. And don't you dare say, "Umm no..."


I know what you're thinking. People could just really have had a bad day where nothing good happened. Well, here's a list of 4 things that will surely prove you wrong. 1. Are you currently breathing? 2. Were able to eat a good meal? Or at least capable of eating a good meal? 3. Are you dying? 4. Did anyone die in your family/or close friend? If you answer yes, yes, no, and no then who here is having a bad day? Not you.
Many people are currently dying because of hunger or their bodies can't function well (i.e. have a hard time breathing). Or there was death in their family or a close friend. If you are not one of those people, certainly you are having much more of a happy day than them. So don't feel down because right now, others are having it worse. There is always a tomorrow for you.
Before I end this. I am sorry that if I offended any of you in some way. I just feel mad when people say that they're having a bad day when others probably has it worse. And to make it even more infuriating, others blabber on about how their day is bad and it's just obnoxious. So this is a cheer up/rant at the same time. Again, I apologize if I offended, or hurt your feelings in anyway. Yours truly, ~usa-chan man
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I think this is great but I will mention one thing. just because by society's standards someone has it worse, doesn't mean we can diminish the feelings of others . If someone is sad the last thing they want to here is that someone else has it worse so therefore you should be happy. You should be happy about the little things though and the little victories.
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@MaighdlinS I agree with you. That's why I added the part that I disliked those who only talk about the bad things like they're rubbing it off... However, yes I do see your point. Thank you for your opinion :)
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Dude made my week thnx but my prblm is the feels from too much ecchi anime view time any advice about that
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@DeshaunYoung Oh boy... I did that before. I watched more tragedy anime to get my mind off of it. The feels helps you
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