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First card ever, so low expectations please haha. It's a game many have played growing up over the years, so let us fashion it for the otakus, gamers and lovers of comics. Simple rules, who would you screw, marry and kill, and why.
#1 Arachnera- Monster Musume Now, she's my choice for screwing due to her personality. How lewd and upfront she can be, especially when it's something/someone she wants. Plus, I'm sure sex would be...interesting and memorable.
#2 yuno gasai (minus the yuki problem)- mirai nikki From her loving protective nature, to her psychotic tendencies. Ever since I've seen elfen lied, I've always been captivated and seduced by the psychotic lovers. I don't need to say anymore as to why I'd marry her haha
#3 yuno gasai- mirai nikki Haha now yes, I'd marry her, but I'm sure you've seen the last pic and the show. If you've seen the plot, then we know the day would come she'd attempt to kill me. Though I'd just do as she did for yuki, and start the cycle all over again.
Now, let's hear your choices and reasons!!! (And any tips and such would be appreciated. I intend to do games such as these to know more about all of you :3 )
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I'm just lucky my "kill" was easy to figure out haha. And take you're time :)
Marry: Kagami Taiga Kill: Druitt from Black Butler Screw: undertaker
screw would be gray frim fairy tail marry would be laxus from fairy tail kill would be giriko from soul eater
@Cuetlatchli my friend would love your choices of kill & screw haha