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seriously think about it... how does kpop affect you're life? what If someone never pulled you it the world of kpop? can you compare to how different it would be?!
everyone is probably like omg someone finally asked... but Hey im curious! ●︿● how I'd be:
without kpop I would be in shatters.. kpop is probably one of the few things that calms me down when I'm upset. (even my boyfriend knows it LMAO ) QUICK STORY: the other day he got me super super mad and we were in the car with one of his friends and I'm just staring out the window dramatically... and I hear BTS come on... and I look and him and he is giving me his puppy dog face and I couldn't help but laugh because I was like rreeeaaalllyyy! his friend then decides to say "what the he'll is this?" & my boyfriend just goes "Shut up, she likes it and it makes her happy ⊙﹏⊙" I laughed even harder BUT ANYWAY, how would your life be without these gorgeous faces to admire! ⬇⬇
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i wouldn't be here. i would have been 6 feet underground if it wasn't for kpop.
@yessiex3 ye it be so weird basically my life revolves around kpop its weird
my life would be boring and full of sadness it would be weird ever since I liked kpop I have forgotten what I did
I'd probably be casket deep in depression.
*pouts* Without kpop? I'd get all As.