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In my AVID class we were watching "Homeless to Harvard" and my friends said that if I didn't have K-Pop in my life, I would be in 10% of our class which I agreed. Then my friend asked, "What would you do if ALL of your K-Pop idols DIED?!" I responded, "I'd go with them." As a joke, but on a serious note...

How would YOU react/respond?

I would die from shock. then come back as a ghost and kill whoever made them die. :)
I will lock myself in my room with a gallon of ice cream and simply play all of their songs over and over again lol.
I'd probably cry because I would miss them...but I think after that I would be ok...because as long as they lived their lives to the fullest doing what they wanted then they would have no regrets! So it would be sad but I would still listen to their music and I would still get on with my life and follow my dreams and live life without regrets because that's what they taught me :D I'd make them proud !!!!! <3 (=Β΄βˆ€ο½€)δΊΊ(Β΄βˆ€ο½€=)
I'd go with my biases!
I would sing their songs all the time to keep then in memory
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