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OMG like 4 yrs ago, not saying how old I was probably to young to watch it, lol. I started watching FLCL, ghost in the shell, cowboy bebop, Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, SAO, Naruto, one piece, Bleach, Inuyasha and that's pretty much how I became addicted to anime lol.. it's literally the only thing I watch besides Criminal minds, and Bones
Need some Bleach and KHR on there lol. I'll have to see if anything piques my interest really though, because I'm running out of stuff to read
@kuzuri96 I'll check it out!
I don't know if any of you have watched Nichijou, but please do. I find it cute and hilarious [and that's coming from me, a major shonen and seinen fan.]
This list is pretty awesome! There were a few of my favorites that didn't appear but over all I would show this to anyone who wanted to start getting into anime!
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