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Just finished this anime this morning (5am otaku life haha) It's a harem/magic anime, but not the typical harem anime. The main character, Kasuga Arata, is the opposite of our usual male protagonist. He's open and blunt about his taste in women, dirty and perverted actions/thoughts. Also isn't afraid to admit his love of accidental panty shots and boob gropes. Though the plot behind this anime, is interesting and strong enough to keep you captivated the whole time. Go check it out!
well take highschool dxd. it was highly popular but there's like 1-2 years between seasons.. but had a seasons in between thiwrs.. so who knows..
I'm the same, so far there's nothing official on a 2nd season. Seems like that's the case with a lot of these 12 episode shows
trinity 7. overall was masterly done. the ecchi was just right and not overbearing. the ladies were beautiful.. the fights were quite lacking and boring though. overall though, I'd love to see more of it.