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Day 2: Favorite BTS Song
Q: What is your favorite BTS song? A: "Born Singer" ā¤ Like I said in the previous card, I can relate to BTS's songs fairly well. The part in "Born Singer" that really hit me is the part when Namjoon talked about his strive and success while other people just pressed the keys on their keyboards. This line really WOKE. ME. UP! Since I'm wanting to become a Kpop artist myself, Namjoon's message really told me that I have no time āŒš to waste if I really want to share my music with the world and influence people the way BTS has influenced me and other fellow ARMY. āœŠ Overall, I like "Born Singer" because it has a beautiful melody and strong rap parts that reach out to me every time I listen to it. Thank you to BTS and the producers of "Born Singer" for creating such a beautiful song. ā¤ā¤ā¤
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