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Julianne Moore was more than revealing on Wednesday's recording of the Ellen Show. Thanks to her hilarious reveal, we know that Moore didn't wake up like this for her talk show appearance. For many, it was probably really surprising since most celebrities always seem so perfect that we imagine that they look like that every minute of the day.
Moore, 54, revealed a picture of what she called her "summer hair". Though it is the season of fall for most of the United States, in California, it's still as sunny and warm as ever.
"Somebody did this to my hair -- I can't do this to my hair," she admitted, referring to her vibrant red hair. "I can't blow dry my hair. I can't straighten it out." Many celebrities turn to extensions or professional stylists to attain the desired look that most celebrities are seen with on television.
"My hair is wavy as I like to say, but really, it's frizzy," she further explained. "So in the summertime, I just let it go. I just let it be and I try not to go anywhere because I can't control my hair." Very candid Moore!

What does you hair look like when you wake up?

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Mine looks awful! lol, but I love Julianne Moore! She's a great actress and a really "real person.