Since the last set of "supertexts" went over so well, I thought I'd start posting them in themed cards.
What do you think?
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You're welcome! There's more in my Random Humor collection, if you're interested.
2 years ago·Reply
This kind of thing is always funny
2 years ago·Reply
the Thor and Loki convo was the best! I laughed!
2 years ago·Reply
so, I live in a dorm with three other girls (college kid) and as I read through these I was trying so hard not to laugh hysterically (guffaw is the word I'd like to use here) I get up at 6:30 everyday like clockwork, and the other girls routinely sleep through class...I don't wanna get in trouble!!! but it's so funnnyyyyyy!!! (Also thank you for the laughs btw ^-^)
2 years ago·Reply
Wow... Mulan...
2 years ago·Reply