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Okay, so, I have just started college. I refuse to gain the "freshman 15"/ "freshman20". So, I'm re-dedicating myself to exercising..... even though I absolutely hate it.... What are some really good kpop songs to get you motivated and moving??
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The ones that keep me moving are upbeat songs. One Shot - B.A.P; No More Dream, NO, War of Hormone, Dope - BTS; Born Hater - Epik High; EXODUS, Call Me Baby, Growl, El Dorado - EXO; Catch Me, Rising Sun, Mirotic - TVXQ There are many more but too many to name!
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Here is one of my workout playlists
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On YouTube just look up ' Kpop exercise' that's what I do :P
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BigBang's BangBangBang. CoEdSchool's Bbirribom Bbaeribbom. Xia Junsu's Incredible. Miss A's Only You.
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zutter, bang bang bang, Blinge Blinge, good boy, danger bts, exo hurt, El Dorado, Wolf, Overdose, machine, call me baby, exodus FOR UR COOL DOWN, we like to party, love u to death, let's not fall in love, coffee bts, my answer exo EXERCISE IS GOOD BUT WATCH WHAT YOU EAT TOO. MOST PPL GAIN WEIGHT FROM EATING POORLY AND AT RANDOM ODD HOURS. HAVE FUN!πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰βœŒ
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