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I've been noticing a ton of new faces on Vingle recently in the comments and cards so I just wanted to say WELCOME!

I hope you enjoy our community and find our family lots of fun :D

So come say hey! We're really nice, and only slightly insane!

We just want to make more kpop friends since they're pretty hard to come by!

Comment below with your favorite groups and your ultimate bias!

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@kpopandkimchi I mainly into photography, anime, video games and music what about you???
@kpopandkimchi anime, music, psychology, video games. I can wait to own the SAO game.
I like so many it's hard to just name a few and I change biases almost daily but top five, currently I'm obsessed with GOT7, EXO, BTS, 100% and HOTSHOT (in that order) and my biases (in no specific order) are Jin, Chen, HyukJin and SungWoon. Can't really decide in GOT7 (still in that getting-to-know-you stage😖) but if I had to choose top 2 it's either JB or BamBam, although Jackson.....☺️
I'm new here and just been spying on everyone's posts and bias /-\. but right now I cannot get enough of bts like they kill me. and my bias is V then Kookie. but jimin is slowly about to break my bias....he needs to chill with them thrusts
I'm not too new, but I'm not yet adjusted yet. My bias group is BAP and my bias is Zelo.