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I've been working out on triceps lately, not much, just like about 20-30 minutes a day for the past week and i feel my triceps muscles harder.. what id really like for them to do is grow, but i understand that i need more time... when im around 20ish, i want them to be hugeee!!!! i do basically any tricep workout out there, but if you know one that will make the rest feel like they're for babies, then please go ahead and tell me!!
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Be patient with your body don't force it as you might end up getting injured. Small goals adds up
For me I love doing skull crushers! But yes I second @ChriSingularis's comment. Make sure you start with light weights and make sure you do them with correct form. You could seriously injure your elbow!
@mchlyang dude, you corrected me..... Military press is for shoulders, I meant skull crushers.. Thank you.. And a fail on me