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I love Halloween. Not only is it during the prime days of Fall (the best season ever) but its also a few weeks full of pumpkin carving, scary stories, and amazing movies. However, I must admit....I am a total scaredy cat. I hate scary movies so much, have never seen any of the paranormal activities, and change the channel when a trailer for the newest horrifying movie comes on the screen. But, that doesn't mean I don't love Halloween movies! So here are some of the greatest halloween movies ever that will get you in the scary spirit without leaving you sleeping with the lights on until Christmas.


A total classic and my personal favorite. Witty, disturbing, and full of dark humor makes this perfect for any chilly night.


We grew up on the movie and it still rocks even though I am now 23. I would avoid the 3rd one though and just stick with 1 and 2.

Hocus Pocus

Because duh, 3 sister witches, a double love story and teen angst. Sums up the perfect movie.

The Legend Of Sleepy Hallow

More on the creep side, but this movie totally gets you in the halloween feel. It's one of the oldest stories and has been redone a number of times (all still amazing.)

The Addams Family

Who doesn't love the Addams family!! They are so weird and disturbing and charming. I just wished my friends loved me enough to do a group costume as the family but alas....they do not.


Cute ass ghost, crazy hidden lab in a old house, and the wildest first kiss ever.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Only THE HALLOWEEN MOVIE! ... or is it Christmas.... looks like you'll just have to watch it during both holiday seasons.
Beetle Juice!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaasss @danidee I feel like you belong here
@lizarnone BettleJuice is the best. I like to sleep at night. Good group of movies to get you into the spirit. The Exorcist made me sleep with my sister for two months haha
I love beetlejuice and Casper. Best part of Halloween is the movies.
ET is also a Halloween movie
I am currently get some Halloween movies to send to my daughter at college. Beetlejuice is on the list. You missed Ghostbusters though...and Gremlins
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